Saturday, April 30, 2011

 April in her magnificence.

Once the rain had stopped, 

and the sun came out, 
there were lovely things to look at,

 the beautiful but short lived Blue Bells,

the unfurling of ferns,

Icelandic Poppies,

tiny jewel like buds of the viburnum,

and smiling Misha.

The April rain also produced some new works in progress.

A renewal of sorts is in the air and the cycle continues its ancient rhythms.


  1. Lovely collage of recent work... lots of birds, and the cat in the center, and I love that smiling dog! Happy bursting spring!

  2. I also like your collage of recent work. There's a kind of ancient loveliness (and earthiness) in your art.

    The shade of blue in those bluebells is beautiful, and I like how you captured the texture of the plants and flowers in some of those other photos.

  3. The face of this woman is very expressive and subtle !! Really strong and I love the colors, I'd love to see the whole work.

  4. Wonderful nature, most lovely smiling dog (and his friend) and last not least very good drawings. Expressive and an interesting technique, somehow simple and giving space. May I say "Rembrandt-light" ??

  5. Happy full to bursting spring too Valerianna! It's so good to be experiencing this newness!

    The color of the Bluebells is so heavanly Hkatz that I could just sit beside them and look all day and your remark "ancient loveliness (and earthiness) in your art."
    I haven't heard this before but I like it, Thank you.

    The drawing/painting of the woman is acrylic paint and water soluble crayons Silent linde and I am new to this technique and am enjoying the colors also. I will be happy to show you the whole painting soon:)

    The painting of the dog Misha) on the brown colored ground was inspired by Dori. I have thought her paintings done this way had a Rembrandt-light quality. I used some yellow gold washes over the sepia to achieve this light.

  6. Love your collage of your work,especially the girl,love the coloring of her. Beautiful. Happy Spring!

  7. Beautiful pictures and lovely artwork... the golden tones are so perfect for the seemingly very bright golden sunshine of spring.