Saturday, March 05, 2011


      Winter hangs on longer here.
Not ready to yield to the tune that softly plays in other places, she firmly grasps her freezing nights and her sudden snow cover in the morning. The blustery wind is a  
reminder to keep a warm jacket close.

So for now, we wait..

The seedling may not be ready to emerge, but I see its eye lids flutter

and I hear in the bird song, a promise,
a slight change of notes that alters the tune and says

yes, a change is in the air. 

and soon, very soon the windows will stay open and the warm coats
 will be put away.


  1. 15 days to Spring. It doesn't seem possible!
    The shortest month was so long, now March is going faster!

  2. Emma's face looks like the face of a geisha. The silver dog looks like a seal. The black dog looks like a lovely soul. Confident lines in the drawings of the trees and the (strong) cat. The seed looks full of destinate, very soft drawing. The words are a contemplative poem.

  3. OH your face image looks like Redon. Beautiful.


  4. Dori- How funny that you think Emma's face looks like a geisha, that's what we say too! Thank you for your comments on my work. I am really enjoying pen and ink for right now.

    Kathy-Like Redon? what a nice compliment! I love his work. Thank you!

  5. Strong and attractive drawings, Ramona. And the seedling is exactly what it is supposed to be : the gentle beauty and the awesome tender promise of spring, of life renewed. Wonderful !! Yes it looks somehow like Redon but I find more purity in this :-)

  6. I love the hair and wind in your face (first photo).

  7. The seedling is so appealing - surely she'll soon send an exploratory shoot aboveground!