Thursday, May 05, 2011

Some technique and and learning  to
appreciate a moment.

At this stage of the painting I like to sometimes just ponder
what is there and see which direction I'd like to take next.
I see a figure emerging over her shoulder next to the tree. 
Do you see this?

The crayons give an effect similar to pastels.

The water soluble crayons lay on top of the painting like pastels would, 
can be blended with water, and can also be lifted off/removed with
a brush and water.

I will continue the painting tomorrow. Today the sun is shining
and the air is warm.

We sit outside, I in my chair,

Misha and Mimi near by,

I see this tree from where I sit and can notice how
 quickly it has filled up with leaves. Soon it will be dense, providing 
shelter for birds and squirrels. Later in the season cicadas will take 
their places high in the canopy looking for mates. 
I hear a bumble bee's buzz turn to  lazy drone as he flies by and 
searches for nourishment after a long winter in hibernation.
I'm aware of the sound of dog tags as Misha settles down for a nap,
 happy to be near me.

I close my eyes and feel the warmth of the sun
 and appreciate that at this moment

there is no where that I would rather be than right here.


  1. The beauty of being PRESENT! And, yes, I DO see the figure over her shoulder... mysteriously blue.... Happy sunshine - we have a mix of sun and clouds today, but COLD, only in the 50's. Yikes. I'm even considering lighting the wood stove....

  2. "There is no where that I would rather be than right here." ...This is real fortune! Isn't it a wonder to find the right, the exact best way after all the troubles and doubts of former times, but somehow always feeling: It will be my best way?

    Beautiful colors for the portrait-drawing/painting, you use it in a wonderful method!

  3. She's beautiful,love the look of the crayons,I really should use mine more. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Your small moments filled with gratitude are perfect! I really enjoy seeing and reading about your creative process. I love the woman's eyes which seem to see beyond the obvious. Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. I absolutely love this work ! Yes, I see the mysterious figure. But I didn't see a tree : I still see an energy-shape that is dark and big but it has no power. This woman and this almost invisible white bird are very strong in their sensitivity and they can never lose each other. Congratulations, really :-)

  6. Thanks to everyone for your comments.

    Stille Linde, I have worked on this painting since this post and I must tell you that the tree has all but faded into the background. You could see this.
    So nice to see you here.

  7. Can't wait to see the finished piece. I love the artist crayons and use them all the time in my work. I also use the water soluble oil pastels by Portfolio. Great stuff.

  8. Thanks Kathy! I've never tried the Portfolio pastels. Sounds intriguing.