Monday, June 27, 2011

Wrens, bees, flowers and June

While watching the growing,
 the mid summer is tipping over

lush pockets of color

activity at a bird house

four little wrens

the instinct to care and to nurture

 bees gather nectar,
bending the crown vetch and
lift her perfume to the sun filled sky

sharp shadows, cast
by the overhead sun

Glorious mid summer!
Glorious June!


  1. four little wrens :-)

  2. Beautiful - I don't get many wrens, they are so sweet. We finally have a bit of summer-ish weather, I DO hope it lasts! Forest blessings....

  3. Great post -- finally summer & color and baby birds. We are a little ahead of you in GA. I usually get Eastern Bluebirds - and I think the same couple nest here every year.
    Love your wren drawing!

  4. beautiful pictures, but especially love your drawing of the little wren!

  5. I see the white midsummer-light, I love it so very much! And you and your nature-friends are in this light and love and love and love. Very contemplative, thank you for this peace!