Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cold weather, dreams, and flying deer.

The days are getting shorter and there are things to do to prepare
for the cold days ahead, and

  the long nights to come,
of winds of sleeting rain that threaten to come inside
lest the windows are shut tight.

A chill in the air brings the gathering
of fuel,

and lingering days of soaking up
the sun,

and for dreams,...

of flying deer .


  1. Love the dogs basking in the sunshine... and the one with the tongue lolling around, cute! I dream of flying deer also... and sometimes I ride them.
    Happy cooler days, I;m sooo ready...

  2. I too am preparing to keep warm and dry for the winter months...Love your sleeping puppies dreaming of your beautiful drawing...maybe that's what my dog Griffin is dreaming of as well! Thanks for visiting my part of the blogworld...

  3. O the deer! What a deep insight of flying deers! And the sleeping soul, how wonderful!! I see, that nobody can disturb her, and she will only wake up, if SHE wants! She is dreaming of the deer and has no problem, that he is flying.

    The photos of window, animals, plants and the texts are so typical Ramona-stile: They calm me down and give me a peaceful and warm, loving feeling in the midst of my heart.

  4. I love the first picture, it honors the beautiful mystery Emma is.
    And flying deer ... your deer and dreamer are so light, and Dori's comment is fascinating.

  5. The dogs have it right!
    Meanwhile I get on with finishing any heavy washing, putting the garden "to bed" and planning next year, cleaning outside while it is dry..and watching the weather forecast, seeing friends in Scotland getting the wind and the rain.

  6. Cozy photos, and I love the dreams of flying deer.