Friday, December 02, 2011


A reader of this blog recently asked about my cat Emma.
She is happy and is doing well.

For all who love cats, here is a part
of Emma's day.


  1. Thanks for the Emma visit! She soo reminds me of my sweet kitty, Sophia, who is now planted under her favorite hemlock on the mossy hill. We miss her, I think especially Pasha as he is now alone when I go off for my long teaching days and when I'm gone on overnights.

    Emma is soo beautiful, I love her little coffee stained chin and her mismatched eyes, and the tufts of fur coming from her paws. Sophia had those, very long, and on the metal spiral stairs, she had a fall once running from the sound of the roof- snow avalanche. She had a visit to the vet and a time of slow waddling instead of queenly prancing for a time after that fall! My Dad came running right up to install rug stair treads so she could get traction with her claws! That was very sweet.

    And your photos of her are wonderful. Love the one with the plant shadows on the wall.
    happy December to you both!

  2. Such sweet stories of your Sophia and what a lovely and kind gesture of your father to install carpet for her!

    Yes I love Emma's "coffee stained" chin:)
    When I first found her all alone and crying in the park she was wild and I thought her chin was dirty.

    Her nose is also two colors like her eyes.

    Thank you so much for your visit.
    Happy December to you and Pasha.

  3. Somewhere I read, that animals also have their angels for shelter. Emma was leaded to you, this is a very good wonder!

    Valerianna, I am sorry you miss your cat. I feel with you missing my cat since 12 days.

  4. Dori - its so hard, I'm sorry to hear you lost your cat only a little while ago. Sophia is the only cat I've had that comes back occasionally in my dreams. She came back recently and it has made me miss her.

  5. The second and third photos are like poems. Cat and plant-shadow. I love her eyes :)

  6. What a stunner!!!! really amazing cat.

    Would love to have you as a follower!

    :-} do come visit my blog.

    HUGS Lorraine