Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Art as therapy

 The below drawing was inspired by this painting by 
 Early Renaissance Italian painter, Sassetta.

A little pug floats skyward as two people embrace.

This drawing honors the comfort we give and receive
from one another.


  1. The amount of emotions you conveyed in this drawing made me speechless. Such a beautiful hunting drawing.

  2. O, this is so wonderful, so very, very wonderful, Ramona!
    O, look, these beautiful wings of the beautiful dog!
    I see again also some own personal happenings or dreams in this drawing.
    Full of soul and feeling, it makes tears into my eyes.
    I like Sassessa's painting very much...

  3. Beautiful. And such a lovely honoring of your little Mimi and her journey. I love the mountain/cave.

  4. Your gentle touch with pencil on paper is such a fitting tribute to the love and comfort of the 'God With Us' we are to each other. Fly well, little Mimi. Blessings to you Ramona, sus

  5. I honestly believe this is a lot more than art therapy for yourself alone. I made such drawings when many years ago a dear cat passed away. I'm sure it helps these beautiful beloved souls in many ways we cannot see. Love.