Friday, August 31, 2012

Stars, Moons and Hens.

There are white hens on the side board.

What was to be two hens turned into five. 
Some are pausing under the moon and stars, and some are floating skyward.

These drawings celebrate mystery and the ability to  imagine.

Have a Happy Blue Moon!


  1. Lovely hens.... and a good moon to you, too!

  2. MOST, MOST LOVELY and wonderful drawn! They all fit so wonderful together! And look into my blog, you willbe astonished about the exciting coincidence: we have two very extrano hen-babies from Mother Silverstar !!

  3. Ramona, your hens make me happy! The Mystery and Imagination are to be celebrated indeed. Happy September, love, sus

  4. Very, very beautiful drawings, yes, these hens make us happy, and whenever I see a hen now, I see the enchanting starry skies around her, too :-)