Monday, September 24, 2012

A day in late September

 At some point, the merging of the two
was an observance of light
and shadow...


of texture and the
letting go of soft edges

Can we acknowledge the changes with grace? 
Just as the coneflower slips
from her magnificence and goes into her next phase of life,
can I too rest in the certainty of my being?


  1. I wonder that myself, lovely imagery, especially the last one!

  2. Yes you can rest in the certainty of your being! I love the first picture, I adore it, and the new header too.

  3. This is art! Life-art! I had to think about this post a long time, and I was full of questions, what is here??? Like a viewer of modern art I needed some explanation... now slowly it clears up. Yes, its a wonderful miracle, life and life in the nature.

    Grace is where love is.

  4. Absolutely! We need to celebrate every season in nature, as well in our own lives. The present is all we have.

    Beautiful images and words, Ramona!

  5. Beautiful post, Ramona. I love the photos. The fading year. So, so beautiful. xxx