Friday, April 19, 2013

Some rain,
some flowers,
some birds....,
and the mystery continues.

When the wind blows hard and the rains come and it 
never seems like the sun will shine again,
it is sometimes hard to stay with what is here.

The wind and rain want me to remember, 
that right now is what is happening. 

Every part  plays a role.


  1. That sure is the practice, isn't it? Not always easy... poured here all night, now its a wet, overcast morning. But the flowers are happy and the little deer in your drawing is perky!

  2. Lovely drawing Ramona - so full of hope, or showing the blessings of every role. I also love the words, and yes every part plays a role, even though at times we can not see what the role is. I continue to work at being in the now.

    1. Thank you Kim. Blowing you warm breezes:)

  3. I love this drawing and your poem-thoughts. I have the feeling, I know this person with the three birds in the heart and the Indian-Face. The egg and crocus-tulips are a sign of hope. The deer is simple and loves the simple contemplative life.

    Some people say, we will get a wet summer, only July will be good,they mean. - I hope for August being sunny in the second part, because I expect some guest from over the ocean.

    1. Yes these are symbols of hope and continuity. It is good to have things that we can count on.

      August will be heaven on earth, I'm sure.