Saturday, July 13, 2013

July and spending time with "family"

The hot days of July are best spent near the water.

goose neck loosestrife

White geese run down the hill to the raspberries.



  1. Thanks for satisfying my need to know about all the creatures in your life! At least the ones that live in the house with you... they all look like characters with big hearts. I think the extent to which a dog or cat is able to open thier hearts and be truly who they are is measured by how well their people can do that. Clearly you have an enormous, generous heart. And I think about Emma from time to time, her story of falling out of a tree in the forest for you to find her. Maybe she was coming through the doorway from another world, I think maybe Pasha came from that same world. Blessings of July to you!

  2. thank you for all of this, ramona...


  3. so many wonderful glimpses of life
    your beautiful friends....
    lovely summer to you ~

  4. Your family is such a sweet lot. I wonder at the blessings here! God is good.

  5. Beautuful animal-mother and mother you are! Blessings flow from you to your surroundings. What a gift you are and gifts fall into your blessed hands.

  6. Love the stream and so wonderful to read about your beloved pets! I also enjoyed looking at your very talented. Your work reminds me of my daughter, who always loves to draw with charcoal.

  7. Ramona, THANK YOU for your sooo warmy words to me!!♥ They made me smile:)It is so wonderful to hear that someone really like, it gives a reason to keep a blog:)
    Now, I found your blog and I really like your photos, too!! Your blog`s name is sooo beauty and your photos reflect the name, beauty....

    I will visit again:)

    Many hugs from Finland,

  8. WHat a beautiful family you shared here! Although we would love to have some animals around, we can't due to allergies (daughter and husband). We do manage to be able to dog sit for numerous family friends though, and just got to take care of a wonderful golden retriever for 10 days (which is about the limit before allergies flare up). I loved also the picture of you enjoy the cool waters of the creek.
    Enjoy your summer with your lovely family!