Thursday, April 03, 2014

Gentle and Simple

Ink drawing on brown paper bag.

Inspiration from my friends, the pigeon keepers.

 A new rabbit on metal with a new St. Francis

Soon to be spring and there will be new delights to be found everywhere,
but first a little time to appreciate the little things.

Simple drawing materials. simple lines, a warm spot
by the heater. Quiet simple scenes, can you see them? Do not hurry or you will miss it.

I want to thank you so much for your visits to my little blog. I hope you can
be inspired by something you find here. 


  1. yes ramona, i *do* find inspiration here... thank you for that...


  2. Oh the firm gentleness of these hands giving the pigeon a home!
    ... Emma Emma Emma ... what a star you are!

  3. Wondrful Ramona, this is a great adventure of quietness and simple mystic life! OH! I mean to recognize the Royal holding the dove! The hands are drwan so extremly good! The rabbit is my beloved friend. Its smile it selfconfident and hopeful. Does the rabbit know, that it is a symbol of life and surrection? Together with the king-cat Emma I see an amazing combination of faces! I love Stille Linde's word: "firm gentleness". I am always thankful about your extrano Blog-work. Thank you, Ramona!

  4. I like your drawing - it reminds me of Leonardo's sketches. And your new rabbit has such a smile; he must have been with St. Francis for a while. :)

  5. Ahhh, hands, I haven't drawn a pair of hands in a long while. I giggled seeing Emma with the bunny, funny for some reason! And, yes, definitely inspiration here in your world :)

  6. such beautiful hands
    and bird
    i so enjoyed each sketch and glimpse
    i also am enjoying all the tiny signs of spring that pop up daily