Thursday, October 02, 2014

The Space between Summer and Autumn

The small space between the last days of summer and Autumn have 
beckoned me to linger longer when I'm outside doing chores.

Feeling the last warm days and smelling the dry leafy air as I hang laundry
on the clothesline, I can hear crickets in the grass and a Bluejay call overhead.

There is much to do in this period before the cold sets in but I pause every
now and then to sit and savor this moment or take myself for a walk down a lonesome country road .


  1. Precious silent meditation - I feel and dream and smell with you. You are so right: it's a special space between summer and autumn, valuable light and air and silence with fine whisperings.

    1. Walking with you into Autumn.

  2. Beautiful drawings, Ramona. I need to continually remind myself of presence in these days as school and wood stacking are rather busy-making at the moment. If I remember my breath and this moment, I do a lot better. Happy October!

    1. remember and remember and, and.......:-)

  3. such sweet glimpses
    i am guessing they are of your world
    yes, so much to do this time of year
    my list is long