Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Notes on Hens and Grey Cats

Sheet metal hen with butterfly

I tried to retain the proud personality of  the hen. A very upright and watchful mother she is.
A mother hen is  happiest when showing her children how to survive.

The most gentle grey cat, is always near.

Two grey cats have come into my life. Once when I was a young girl and now.
The grey cat likes to explore but prefers to stay home. 

He is curious to see what's around the corner, has a good appetite, and loves a good nap.

He plays with a light blue mouse thats jingles and loves to have his head scratched.

Thursday, April 03, 2014

The Art of Marc Chagall and Dori Stuffer Together

I have often thought of Chagall while viewing Dori Stuffer's paintings.

The incredible color, the dreamlike quality,

 the visions that tell a story.

 I am sure that God has whispered into these artists ears.

 These two artists offer me hope and give me courage to 
persevere in this world, 

for in the end I just might deserve to live in the paradise of these paintings.

(Could this be Dori's Bavarian Forest the angel flies above that Marc Chagall has painted?)

Amazing joyful color and truly a delight to look at.

Thank you Dori, shepherdess, artist and friend to all.

Gentle and Simple

Ink drawing on brown paper bag.

Inspiration from my friends, the pigeon keepers.

 A new rabbit on metal with a new St. Francis

Soon to be spring and there will be new delights to be found everywhere,
but first a little time to appreciate the little things.

Simple drawing materials. simple lines, a warm spot
by the heater. Quiet simple scenes, can you see them? Do not hurry or you will miss it.

I want to thank you so much for your visits to my little blog. I hope you can
be inspired by something you find here.