Monday, December 13, 2010

A wonderful description of getting lost in the reverie of nature. 
 "In the darkness round me flitted thousands of fire-flies and out beyond this pool of utter night flew by unceasingly the white foam of the rapids; sound there was none save their thunder.  The majesty and beauty of the scene fascinated me, and I stood leaning with my back against a rock pinnacle watching it.  Do not imagine it gave rise... to those complicated, poetical reflections natural beauty seems to bring out in other peoples minds.  ...I just lose all sense of human individuality, all memory of human life, with its grief and worry and doubt, and become part of the atmosphere.  If I have a heaven, that will be mine.... " Mary Kingsley Explorer 1862-1900.' Travels in West Africa'

        My interpretation,

Ink pen and Water Color

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  1. That description is so apt and evocative of revery in nature. Your picture looks to me like stars dancing through the tress on a snowy evening, lovely.

    Happy Holidays