Sunday, January 16, 2011

Not far from where I live is a small park. Making time to walk in nature quiets my mind, but that day it was cold and very windy and I almost thought of going back home till I remembered the geography of this place.

There is a section that is like a deep bowl. A limestone bluff and the creek form one side...

and if I walk eighty paces or so, a steep tree covered hillside is on the other side.

This is where  the wind stopped and the quiet began.

 A hole in the ice covered creek, the water still moving.

wonderful patterns of snow paint images on the bluff.

so quiet it was, but for the
 the sound of the Nuthatch.


  1. I love the bird call! It looks so beautiful and majestic where you are. Your blog is really, very lovely. Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. I am walking with you through a wonder of snow, figures and patterns and last not least listening to the sound of a little but strong bird. Very sensitive and hidden and calm.

  3. Claire and Dori, so glad you could enjoy this walk with me. Nature in her splendor.