Friday, July 22, 2011

Extremely hot weather and nature.
95-100 degree temperatures have been in 
our area for much of the week. Some days there is no breeze.
Only stillness and intense heat.

 One can only go outside for short intervals.

The Cup Plant demonstrates how perfectly
 nature is designed to sustain living things.
Its leaves are unique in that they encircle the stem like
 a cup to hold water. Some of the water it absorbs for itself,
but most of the water is held for pollinators to pollinate its flowers

Here, insects and small birds can drink.

Its flowers are only on the ends
of the stem.
Like a beacon showing the way for food and drink.

Here is the start of a new monochrome painting
 showing human, plant and animal together.

That we remember that we are part of each other is what I want to
say in this painting.

An offering of a small dish of water to help
during this very hot and dry time.

When a gift is left mindfully,
we all benefit.


  1. What a thoughtful post - great photos and love your painting.

    My garden is full of suets for the birds, birdbaths and little bowls of water @ ground level. I think -that- along with the plants is what makes a garden - you need to invite the garden 'fairies' so they can work their magic.

  2. I know its extremely hot down here too!We have'nt got much rain either which makes it hotter. Thats a great idea about leaving the little bowl of water for who ever. Better change it alot though! Your picture is so cool,love how you incorporated a person,plant and bird altogether.I always love a monochrome painting.

  3. Thanks for your friendly words and encouragement.
    Your comments are like a small bowl of water left out for me!:)

  4. This painting is very powerful, very strong, and full of light... this good darkness of earth and soul reshaped into strong loving spirit ... I LOVE it :X

  5. A beautiful painting! I love how it shows us(people) so connected to nature. Something that in this busy world is so easy to forget. I also love the photos, and love the idea of the dish of water. It is not so hot here, but I may put out some anyway.

  6. beautiful painting...!

  7. Incredible, such a heat!!

    today your and Stille Lindes painting ("the Tree"3) arrived.

    Your monochrome technique is wonderful! It looks so real and full of depth and like an old cave painting somehow, painted on stone, or like a Rembrandt's work, light and dark, or like an old photo from 1870!