Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Immersing myself in August.

Goldenrods and Cicadas,
high humidity,
a welcome breeze,
A hermit thrush's evening song,
Yellow Swallowtail butterflies,
Queen Anne's Lace,
footprints, feathers and fawns.


  1. Hello, Ramona - I have just spent a sweet little time with your charming drawings and beautiful photographs. CAme across your blog through our mutual friend, Lynne. I will be back to visit again!

  2. The Half Moon- interesting and magical things can happen on a half moon

  3. Hello and welcome Susan!

    gz-I know what you mean! I wasn't aware of this at the time.

  4. You and the nature have some mystical secrets together! Only you are allowed to see and catch the deer for short moments. This is because of your devotion.
    Nearly unbearable to see these photos, so beautiful, so full of heaven's heart-beating. I think you drank some pomegranates-wine....

  5. It sounds delicious!